3 Steps to Fix Poor Nutritional Habits | Tempe  Arizona Fat Loss Bootcamp AZ

3 Steps to Fix Poor Nutritional Habits | Tempe Arizona Fat Loss Bootcamp AZ

As we close in on the 2nd Annual Body Fat Buy In/BFBI: (this is our live annual spring time fat loss contest, where people ‘bet’ on their ability to be compliant and achieve fat loss results)

We’ve made a couple changes to this program this year:

1) Instead of a weekly ‘buy-in’ there is a 1 time $20 insurance policy purchase which you’ll get back so long as you are compliant to your chosen nutrition plan along with the ‘return on investment’ of your fat loss results.

2) This year there are required nutrition programs

Easy Fat Loss Nutrition 

Medium Fat Loss Nutrition 

Advanced Fat Loss Nutrition

However, BFBI is about more than just being compliant to a specific nutrition program, going thru the accountability of stepping on the scale every week and taking the time to write a nutrition journal.

While all those those things are great BFBI is about so much more than that

What follows is the essence of BFBI in a story based around 3-4 recent interaction and observations that I have recently had.

You’ve Got to be Able to Cook:

Fat Loss Nutrition for Children

I have recently spoken with several people who mentioned to me, that they do NOT cook.

If you are a parent you have to start early and get your sons and daughters engaged and enjoying the process and act of cooking and all the positive benefits of cooking for yourself.

I recently consulted with a mother who was wanting to re-establish a healthy fat loss lifestyle and this is one of recommendation I made to her: ‘get you daughters involved in the process’

I got a subsequent email that said ‘my daughters are excited to start to being a part of setting the meal plan and cooking’

Pretty cool right?

As father who does a lot of cooking I try to get my daughter as engaged in the cooking process as much as possible. I want to build that pride and positive connotation around making ‘real food’.

Whether child or adult, when people are engaged in the decision making as well as the act of making food you get a whole lot less: “I don’t like that”

Sure there are easy ways, veggies smoothies, protein shakes, pre-made meals, but  long term they are unsustainable for MANY reasons.


You Can Make Delicious Food

If you make your own food you get to make it taste the way YOU like it.

I get in trouble with my wife for this all the time because I make food that suits my taste buds since I cook a lot.

Now of course this will take practice you can’t expect to be a James Beard award winner right out of the gate; but if you put in a little consistent practice two things will happen.

1) you’ll be able to make some core dishes that you really enjoy to eat and that are good for fat loss

2) you’ll start to understand the flavors that you like and this will spark your creativity to develop more dishes that suit your palate; thus you will never get in the ‘boiled chicken & steamed broccoli’ rut with fat loss nutrition.

Here’s a prime example: What kind of food do most little kids love?

NOT Paleo Chicken Nuggets

Chicken Nuggets, Right?

Knowing this I rolled the dice at my daughters birthday day party and made these ‘paleo chicken nuggets’   guess what even the pickiest of children eaters absolutely devoured them

Did they take a little more time, yep.

Was it awesome to see adults and children devour healthful food that I’d made, hell yea.

When we release the ATS Recipe Book & Nutrition Journal I will expand upon understanding and developing to the ability to create flavorful fat loss food with the 5 S’s of Fat Loss Nutrition.


You’ve Got to Get Out of Your Food Rut:


Get Out of Your Weight Loss Plateau

This is why #1 is so important when kids graduate from HS and leave home you want them to be able to have good nutrition without you.

Unfortunately what happens so often is they subsist off, ramen, delivered pizza, spaghetti, mac & choose, you name it, they don’t call it the ‘freshman 15’ for NO reason.

Unless you have the metabolism of hummingbird on crystal meth you are highly likely to get as plump as a christmas goose by eating this stuff on a regular basis.

The point is most people never out grow this, they get stuck in this ‘comfortable rut’

In order to develop and get your body to a ‘happy place’ you’ve got out of your ‘comfortable rut’ you can’t make minor changes like: I will swap regular pasta for whole wheat pasta it just won’t work.

If you swap regular pasta for spaghetti squash or zucchini noodles, now  we are talking.

You’ve got to expand and drop the fear of “I really don’t like that” or “that’s doesn’t sound very good”

Let me share a little personal story, I hated cauliflower, I wouldn’t even eat it slathered in ranch.

I considered it one of the nastiest vegetables out there especially when cooked.

Guess what I learned/(expanded) how to create cauliflower a way that I like, and I can now eat a whole head of cauliflower in a single setting.

My point is this even though the BFBI is 5 week contest about compliance, nutrition, and fat loss results; ultimately it should be about you establishing skills, patterns and habits that will serve you for the other 47 wks of the year.

Challenging yourself to go beyond your ‘norm’ beyond your ‘comfortable rut’ consistently for 5 weeks and seeing what you can do.

You never know you might like what you comes out the other side; and if you don’t at least you will be closer to REALLY KNOWING what is right for you.


Troy M Anderson

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  1. Troy- I signed up for the Paleo (not the advanced one) diet. Additionally, I purchased the breakfast and lunch options. I just want to make sure they are acceptable parts of the diet since they don’t seem to be Paleo-specific like the dinner plans. Please confirm or set me straight.


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